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Breaking News: Politician Elizabeth Chesang Detained in Sh26 billion Fraud Case After Bail Violation



Elizabeth Chesang
  • Exclusive Interview: Legal Experts Discuss Elizabeth Chesang’s Bail Violation in the Sh26 billion Fraud Case.

The politician who has been accused of illegally dividing and selling a city farm worth Sh26.5 billion has been placed under detention at the Lang’ata Women Prison in Nairobi.

Elizabeth Sote Chesang, a former Kabartonjo Ward Councillor, is said to have sold land owned by Joshua Kulei, a former aide to the late President Daniel arap Moi.

Milimani law courts chief magistrate Lucas Onyina, while ordering for the accused’s detention, also assured her ‘her health will be taken care off better at the prison facility than at a police station’.

Mr Onyina directed Ms Chesang who was charged with defrauding a city businessman Kiptoo arap Chepkalum over Sh6.5million be held at the Lang’ata prison until police finish the second limb of their investigations into the land fraud and her health condition.

Ms Chesang who has been out on a Sh100,000 police bond had been bonded to appear in court to face justice last year but she went into hiding.

When she was apprehended in Baringo and driven to Nairobi to stand trial she produced medical records showing she had been admitted for lengthy periods at Nakuru, Kericho and Kapsabet Hospitals.

A lawyer defending Ms Chesang urged the magistrate to free her on bond saying she has serious health challenges and ‘can only access medication freely if she can only be freed on bond’.

But state prosecutor Anderson Gikunda opposed her release on bond saying police need to unravel the mystery in those medical records from the three government hospitals.

“We need to establish the authenticity of these medical records produced by the accused who was brought to court on a warrant of arrest after skipping court for over 10 months,” Gikunda urged.

Gikunda said he will respond to the bail application after getting a report on the medical records from the government health facilities asserting she was really sick and admitted when she was being sought by police.

The magistrate allowed the prosecution’s plea and ordered the accused to remain in custody for three days as police proceed to Nakuru, Kericho and Kapsabet Hospitals to clarify whether Ms Chesang had been taken ill there.

Ms Chesang has been charged with defrauding Geoffrey Kiptoo Kiprop aka Kiptoo arap Chepkalum Sh6.5million alleging she would assist him to acquire a parcel of land measuring 89.4 hectares (224 acres) valued at over Sh26.5billion belonging to Joshua Kulei.
An acre of land at Kitsuru fetches Sh120 million, the court heard.

She had claimed she was in a position to subdivide the upmarket 224 acre farm to sell in small portions.

She was charged with forging the title of Kulei’s land claiming it was genuine having been signed by a land registrar Rosina Ndila Mule.

She was also accused of forging the signature of another land registrar ministry of land Mr Robert Gachuki Gathondu.

The alleged signature was in a title deed of 1hectare sold Kiptoo was that of Ms Chesang.

On July 28, 2021, at Corner House Nairobi, Ms Chesang is said to have presented to Kitoo a forged title deed of the 89.4 hectares owned by Kulei.

Elizabeth also denied that at the Trans-National Plaza Parking Bay she presented to Kiptoo aka Chepkalum a forged title deed in his name of 1.00 hectare valued over Sh240million.

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The Curious Case of Suspected Fraudster Odol Okombo Paul’s Missing Court Appearance



Odol Okombo

Odol Okombo, a suspected fraudster who impersonated a high-ranking official at Kenha and reportedly scammed a female entrepreneur out of Sh 2.5M, did not show up in court as scheduled today

According to the chargesheet tabled in court, the accused person defrauded a businesswoman Sh 2.5M on September 27, 2023 at Palacina Hotel in Kilimani within Nairobi County after lying to her that he was in a position to help her land a road construction tender.

He failed to deliver the tender to her even after defrauding her the said amount on the ground that he knew to be false.When the matter was mentioned before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro, the accused person was conspicuously missing and her lawyer told the court that he developed some breathing problems.” The accused person came in court and developed some breating problems, we pray that the matter be mentioned on Thursday for plea,” her lawyer told the court.

The court directed that the matter be pushed to Thursday.

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Scammed and Deceived: The Harsh Reality of Rogue Agencies in the Job Market



  • The Job Seeker’s Nightmare: The Hidden Dangers of Rogue Agencies

A visit by the National Assembly Committee on Diaspora Affairs and Migrant Workers to private employment agencies in Mombasa unveiled operations of rogue agencies defrauding Kenyans of their hard-earned cash under the guise of overseas job recruitment.

Chaired by Taita Taveta MP Lydia Haika, the committee uncovered disturbing practices at agencies like Al Hadhramy and Mahla, which has been in operation for 12 years.

Despite claiming to have facilitated the deployment of over 600 Kenyans abroad, the agency lacked essential office documentation, raising serious concerns.

Nestled inconspicuously along Makadara road near Barka Restaurant, the agency’s deceptive practices thrived in secrecy and trickery. From the busy Makadara road where traffic zooms past left and right, Al Hadhramy and Mahla’s faint signboard at the entrance easily goes unnoticed. It is almost impossible to imagine that this has been the silent gateway to the ruthless betrayal of hundreds of unsuspecting Kenyans in their quest to earn decent living.

A narrow steep plywood staircase leads to their suspicious looking offices upstairs. The visibly domineering Director Mutaila Masoud, shows up as her two workers are on standby clearly awaiting “further instructions” from the boss.

Masoud failed to produce any operational documents, and their business permit expired in 2020.

“Our guy in charge of records is in the field but we can print the files,” Director said, while instructing a worker to “locate the documents.”

Clock ticked and the wait got longer but the documents were nowhere to be seen. The staff, tasked with locating the files, quietly slipped away, adding to the agency’s suspicious behaviour.

Masoud, when pressed, admitted to occasional legal violations, including deploying workers with visit visas instead of work permits, a risky practice she attributed to the decline in UAE job orders post-Covid pandemic. It was such deceit that appeared to have angered the legislators who left in a huff.

Al Hadhramy and Mahla is reportedly involved in a con scheme where the director is said to have collected close to Sh20 million from over 300 Kenyans and left them stranded. Through availed evidence in form of receipts, OB numbers and video recordings, the committee learnt that some 387 young men and women who were desperately keen to travel and work abroad hoping were left in the dark after paying Sh50,000 each to the agency.

A total of Sh19,350,000 went down the drain in the said scam, according to Omar Said, one of a victim. “I was planning to go to Qatar for a security job by August last year. Having paid the Sh50,000 deposit, I was anxious to leave the country. They then told us that there was a slight problem with the Embassy and we ought to be patient…We understood like human beings. August, September and October were over. It was the same story and we continued being patient… Come November we started our own process. Initially they had placed us in the admins only AhatsApp group and we could not  comment and our voices could not also be heard. So, we formed our own group to forge the way forward,” Omar said.

That November, he recalls the agency called them for “an interview” in what would turn out to be a hoax meant to calm down their nerves.

But the wait would get even longer and drag all the way to January, 2024 where the director began ranting, telling “those who are impatient” to immediately withdraw.

“She said those who will withdraw will be deducted Sh35,000 each and refunded Sh15,000…we were shocked because we had no problem. It was the agency which had problems since it had failed to confirm our travel…we tried to seek assistance through police but we are yet to succeed,” teary Omar said.

He added: “We need the government to intervene. We have cracked our backs for the money. We have borrowed loans and sold our land parcels just to get the money hoping to get the job and now someone is defrauding us. If I pick a machete and begin stealing from people what will the government say?”

Another victim

Aisha Rashid Mohamed, another victim, blamed Masoud for wasting young people through a choreographed con game and asked the government to intervene and help them recover their money and documents from the agency.

“She seems to enjoy some protection because she does not want to listen to us. Even if you go there in the company of police nothing will happen because she will also call police who are loyal to her and it will be chaotic. We have waited for seven months to no avail,” Aisha said.

Masoud had told the committee that the agency has been recruiting Kenyans to work mostly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“After the pandemic, business took a nose dive and there were no more orders from UAE which had also cancelled all their sub agents. Now the UAE doesn’t issue working visas anymore,” Masoud told the committee. She did not shy away from revealing some of her dirty tricks and admitted to have occasionally violated the law and deployed workers to the Middle East with “visit visa as opposed to working visa.”

“Sometimes we are forced to deploy workers with a visit visa hoping it can later be altered into a work permit…which is a very big risk. This is partly why the UAE market has declined because nobody is willing to take that big risk,” she told the committee.

While citing Government bureaucracy and delays in accessing crucial documentation to facilitate travel clearance as some of the key setbacks that have continued to bog-down operations of the agencies, Masoud openly admitted that she often pays bribes to get passports and police clearance for her candidates.

For instance, she said: “If I have a client and maybe they do not have a passport. For the client to attain a passport it might take even more than three months, unless it somebody with detailed connection to help them fast track the process. Also, the Certificate of Good Conduct nowadays expires after six months even though you don’t get it in time.”

Another agency, Attawakul Limited, was found in a similar state, with its director, Yussuf Ibrahim, unable to produce staff files or contracts, underscoring the secrecy surrounding these operations.

In contrast, Al-Shifaa, led by Director Mwalimu Mwaguzo, presented all necessary records, highlighting proper operational procedures. According to Haika, the committee aims to address challenges facing migrant workers.

However, she expressed frustration at the lack of accountability and professionalism among some agencies, referring to them as “mere briefcase agencies.”

Over the weekend, National Employment Authority (NEA) Director General Joseph Njue came under fire for accrediting rogue agencies, with MPs urging the authority to take action against them.

Despite some MPs defending the agencies, calling for better policies to support them, concerns remain over the exploitation of Kenyan workers abroad.

Better policies

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi questioned NEA’s seriousness on the matter, saying the authority was doing injustice to Kenyans who are suffering abroad.

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EXPOSED; Trade Assistant Minister Zaddock Syongoh son, Musaari Kahiga Syongoh , his friend Alivin Nzomo Muthami linked to deaths threats, Extortion’s spree, Man boasts of hacking news sites



Zaddock Syongoh

After massive investigations of site checking and the waves of suspicious activities, it has now emerged that, was tempered with by some individuals whom have been identified and hacked a story in which Trade Assistant Minister Zaddock Syongoh’s son, Musaari Kahiga Syongoh and his friend Alivin Nzomo Muthami were detained and linked to a Sh50M attempted extortion sprees.

” We have now the details of how this suspects got into our sites and tempered with the above mentioned story, I apologise to our readers and affirm to them that we remain the most reliable, courageous and all round news channel, its our duty to feed you with reliable informations from accross the country,” Said Jacob Muganda, the company director.

He added that the matter is now under proble and it has been reported to the investigators.

” Yes We have reported the matter, served the investigators with all the details including the wassap chats and other details to ascertain the same, we expect action to be taken in coming days,” he added

In the case, ab Nairobi court has allowed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) request to continue to detain a son of a former assistant minister and an activist for three days for allegedly threatening to kill a city businessman over undisclosed reasons.

The story was written carefully and we have court papers to ascertain our claim.

In the the former Zaddock Syongoh son’s , Musaari Kahiga Syongoh and his activist friend Alivin Nzomo Muthami were detained at Parklands police station until Friday to enable the DCI complete investigations into allegations of threatening to kill and extortion.

The appearing in court had stated that in a bid to silence the businessman Chetan Babu alias CJ from being exposed over alleged criminal activities, the two suspects demanded Sh50 million.

In a brief ruling, Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi allowed the DCI’s plea to have the duo remain in custody for three days since they face serious allegations of threatening to kill the complainant.

The DCI boss through Corporal Nyangige Mathias had sought for more time to continue holding the suspects to complete investigations which he terms as complex.

It is said that among the other suspects the police are pursuing is a senior KRA official linked to the extortion allegations.

The court heard that the suspects extorted on diverse dates between January 1 and May 10, 2023 where the complainant Chetan has been receiving threatening messages from an Airtel number unknown to him stating that if he does not comply with the demands, they would expose his alleged corruption deals.

“This led to the complainant giving out Sh50 million to the two suspects for fear of his life, “ Nyangige told the court.

He added that once the complainant parted with the cash, he immediately reported the matter at Parklands police station on May 11, 2023.

The officer urged the court not to release the accused on bail or bond as the suspects had threatened to eliminate the complainant as they shared all his information to other suspects who are being sought by police. “It was established that since the complainant reported the matter to the police, the suspects and others still at large had plans to eliminate Chetan to the extent of sharing his confidential documents namely passport through Whatsapp,” Nyangige stated.

The officer also revealed that during the arrest at the weekend at their Karen residence, Kahiga caused chaos by resisting arrest before he was eventually subdued.

Upon arrest, Kahiga was escorted to Karen police station and on conducting a body search, the officers recovered five rolls of cannabis sativa (bhang) from his left trouser pocket.

The DPP through State Counsel James Gachoka supported the DCI’s application and urged the court to detain Kahiga and Muthami to enable police complete investigations into the attempted extortion by threats allegations.

“I urge this court to detain the suspects at Parklands police station to enable police to conclude investigations into the matter,” said Prosecutor Gachoka.

He told the magistrate that the two suspects are flight risks and are being investigated for serious crimes.

“Owing to the gravity of the charges facing the suspects herein and the fact they pose a flight risk releasing them will interfere with the ongoing investigations. Allow police to detain them,” he said.

Gachoka told the court that ongoing investigations involve recovery of apparatus used to commit the offence including the Sh50 million and the Airtel numbers which the suspects used to send the threatening messages.

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