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Exclusive: Unfinished Projects And Claims For Unpaid Bills: Behind The ‘Success Story’ Of Julius Mwale



Julius Mwale

Julius Mwale, presented by Forbes magazine as “one of Kenya’s top entrepreneurs”, is fêted for his rags-to- riches life story in which he claims to have created a “multi-billion-dollar” company in the US. With ambitious and well-publicised projects to build pioneering smart cities in Kenya and Senegal, he enjoys rubbing shoulders with African presidents and celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sports. But this investigation by Mediapart tells a different story, one of a trail of claims for unpaid bills, disputes with investors and lenders, and unfinished projects. Clément Bonnerot and Sonia Rolley report.

he story as told by Julius Mwale is one of an Africa that wins, and an African entrepreneur who gives
back to his community. At the Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa, an event held in April this year in Botswana and which presented those who the US business magazine identifies as inspiring models from the continent’s business world, Mwale was given a rapturous welcome.

Before a gathering that included senior officials from several African governments, Randall Lane, who has the title of chief content officer at Forbes, interviewed him on stage in a one-to-one conversation extolling Mwale’s business adventures. “When you have these rags to riches sagas, sometimes we have orphans,” Lane began. “Other times, maybe it’s someone [who was] poor or homeless, or they were a refugee or an immigrant. But you know, you’re, like, all of those things, which makes your rise even more impressive.”

Mwale, born in the mid-1970s in Kenya, told the audience how his first professional step in life was to join the Kenya Air Force before later emigrating to the US. He explained how he made his fortune in New York where, following the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks which highlighted financial security issues, “I invented biometric technology used to secure online [banking] transactions”. The technology, he said, was adopted by banks in the US.

His first company, SBA Technologies, was registered in New York in 2003 and, he told the gathering, it “became one of the largest biometric companies in the world”. By 2008, he said, SBA Technologies had “grown into a multi- billion-dollar company”.

Mwale was keen to present his project of a “smart city”, called Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC), in western Kenya, which includes a medical structure “that would be able to stop people in Africa from going to India every year for medical treatment”. This, he told Lane, was prompted by his desire to “give back to the community in Kenya” where he grew up, and to “give back to the community in Africa”.

But this investigation by Mediapart reveals not only that Mwale did not create a vast fortune as he claims, but that a number of his projects were never followed through to the end. Over the past 15 years, this self-proclaimed billionaire has been regularly accused of leaving a trail of unpaid bills in his wake. Meanwhile, he continues to make waves announcing ambitious projects and associating with heads of state and celebrities to promote his smart city projects in Africa.

Contacted, Mwale’s Kenya-based lawyer, Javier Munzala, dismissed the accusations levelled against his client as being “wild allegations” that were “defamatory and laced with strong racist themes that seem to discredit black people of African descent as conmen”. Munzala proposed that Mediapart meet with Mwale, and visit his smart city project in Kenya at some point “between March and July 2024”.

Rejected patent applications and unpaid rent

In a number of interviews he has given, including that with Forbes, Mwale said that upon first arriving in New York he lived in a shelter for the homeless. He has also claimed to have gained a diploma from Columbia University. Contacted, a spokesperson for the university said: “We can confirm that Julius Mwale attended Columbia University in 2004, but did not receive a degree from Columbia”.

While he has claimed that his company, SBA Technologies Inc., became a “multi-billion-dollar company” it was never listed on a stock exchange. In 2010 the company was dissolved, before it was revived two years later.

In the mid-2000s, Mwale applied for patents for his secure transaction system in several countries, including the US, Canada and India. None of these applications succeeded. Delivering its opinion on the application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in a document dated July 9th 2007, found that the technology employed “lacks an inventive step” and contained “obvious” modifications to existing technologies.

In 2009, Jacob’s First LLC, the owner of the building housing the headquarters of SBA Technologies, on New York’s upmarket Fifth Avenue, filed a complaint against the company, and Mwale as guarantor, for unpaid rent, amounting to close to 145,000 dollars. In 2011, Mwale was ordered to settle the unpaid rent. But four years later, the owners of the building had still not been paid and filed a fresh complaint. The sum owed by 2015, both in unpaid rent and interest charges, totalled 209,228.37 dollars.

In July 2010, Dianne Schwartz and Marilyn White, co- directors of an outpatient unit treating people with addictions, filed a complaint before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, claiming they had been deceived into investing 266,000 dollars (133,000 dollars each) in the capital of SBA Technologies. They said that they had been told their investment would increase in value more than 30-fold – at 8.8 million dollars – in the event of the company being listed on the stock exchange.

Their complaint was against SBA Technologies, Julius Mwale and a psychiatrist called Fiona Graham who they said had introduced them to Mwale. Graham had worked at their addiction treatment centre. In 2012, Mwale was ordered to refund the total sum of their investment, plus 58,000 dollars in interest.

A separate and earlier case involved New York lawyer Stanley S. Zinner, who gave Mwale a loan of more than 150,000 dollars, a deal in which Fiona Graham appears again to have been the intermediary. When the loan was not repaid, Zinner filed a legal complaint against Mwale and the latter was ordered by the Supreme Court of the State of New York to refund the lawyer. When Mwale failed to do so, Zinner took action against Graham, who is co-director of a foundation created by Mwale and his wife Kaila called the American Institute for African Development. Graham did not respond to questions sent to her by Mediapart, while Zinner could not be reached.

The American Institute for African Development

In September 2007, Julius Mwale, his wife Kaila Mwale and psychiatrist Fiona Graham created a not-for-profit entity called the American Institute for African Development (AIAD). On its website, it introduces itself as “a private operating and grant making foundation [sic]”, which “aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform”.

According to the US Internal Revenue Service, the AIAD has never been exempt from taxes, unlike most not-for-profit entities in the US. Not-for-profits can request exemption from taxes, and if the status is granted they must meet a number of requirements for operational transparency, including the publication of annual financial reports.

In 2017, Kenyan blogger and political activist Robert Alai posted on Twitter copies of a document put out by SBA Technologies, and dated August 2014. It included photos showing Mwale and his wife Kaila, who was presented as the director of the AIAD, taking part in a dinner organised by an organisation called the Corporate Council on Africa, a not-for-profit entity which promotes US investments in African countries.

The evening event was sponsored by SBA Technologies and the guests included Denis Sassou-Nguesso, president of the Republic of the Congo, the then Mozambican president Armando Guebuza, the then Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, and the then president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama.

It was following his legal problems in the US that Mwale turned his attention to Kenya, in 2015, where he set up a company, Tumaz and Tumaz Enterprises Limited, for his project to build a “smart city” in Kakamega county, situated around 400 kilometres north-west of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Two years later, the first buildings had been erected, and Mwale went about promoting the project in the Kenyan media, even comparing it to Silicon Valley.
Describing it as a metropolis, he spoke of the future construction of an airport, residential blocks and hotels, cableways, solar-powered streetlamps, and a technological site destined to produce biogas from waste material. Speaking at the Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa, he told Randall Lane that 2 billion dollars had been invested in the project and that its 35,000 inhabitants had become a new African middle class.

In reality, the Mwale Medical and Technology City contains a number of buildings situated on a surface area of about one square kilometre. Satellite images, like also promotional photos, show a small supermarket, a golf course, a tiny café, a few houses and a hospital built in concrete and glass which was supposed to have a capacity of 5,000 beds – a volume which would make it the largest in Africa and the second-largest worldwide.

A call to the hospital reception revealed that the so- called “Advanced Cancer Treatment and Diagnostic Center” is not operational, and that the establishment treats at most around one hundred people daily, in outpatient care, and mostly for malaria.

Americanisms abound at the “smart city” site: the supermarket is called Mwalmart in an apparent tongue- in-cheek reference to the US retailer, the hospital is Hamptons Hospital, and there is the Hamptons Golf Resort and Residences.

There is also a small hotel called Major Mwale Resort and Spa, which accepts no online reservations and which is promoted on social media by Tindi Mwale, the brother of Julius Mwale, who is a member of parliament for the local constituency.

There are mostly only promotional photos or videos of the Mwale Medical and Technology City in public circulation, in which individuals appearing as a doctor, client or resident are often the same. Also featured in the promotional pictures are Elisa de Panicis, a reality show star and former girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (she did not respond to Mediapart’s request for comment), and the South African models Genevieve Morton and Candice Swanepoel. “ He’s a swindler, a fraudster, I don’t understand how he’s still in the game. ” Marlon Stoltzman, agent for models Candice Swanepoel and Genevieve Morton.

In May 2019, Swanepoel entered into a “modelling” contract with Mwale Medical and Technology City worth 960,000 dollars. Two years later, after not being paid the amount, she and her agent, Marlon Stoltzman, launched proceedings against Mwale to settle the dispute of breach of contract through arbitration. Mwale argued, among other things, that he did not sign the contract and therefore had no contractual relationship with Swanepoel and Stoltzman. Based on those claims, the Supreme Court of the State of New York called on the model and her agent to abandon the move for arbitration.

Contacted, Swanepoel’s lawyer did not offer any comment on the issue, while Mwale’s lawyer, Javier Munzala, insisted the businessman owed the model nothing.

Marlon Stoltzman, agent for both Swanepoel and Morton, is scathing of Mwale. “He’s a swindler, a fraudster, I don’t understand how he’s still in the game,” he told Mediapart. “It’s as if he’s managed to clean up the internet because when we started with him, there was nothing on him, everything looked in order.”

“He even promised Genevieve a house but she ended up working for him for a year for free,” he added. “I personally had to advance expenses: 45,000 dollars for plane tickets, equipment rental, hotels. He paid 20,000 dollars after months of phone calls and redoing invoices and using every trick in the book. He always had an excuse not to pay.”

Claims for unpaid bills totalling 2.5 million dollars

Others who complain of not being paid for their involvement in the Mwale Medical and Technology City project include Robert Okumu, a director of a company called Sifatronix which supplied ballast sand, murram and trucks for the construction of roads. “Julius Mwale said he would pay within 45 days,” he told Mediapart, speaking in July. “He owed me more than 30 million shillings [233,000 euros]. He gave me bounced cheques. It’s been six years and I still haven’t been paid.”

Mediapart spoke to ten Kenyan suppliers and builders involved in Mwale’s project, and also a former employee at the “smart city” hospital, who all complain of never having been paid for their work. Some said they took no legal action because they feared reprisals.

From football to tourism, a man of many projects

In August 2023, Mwale was named in some Portuguese media as being one of the investors behind a project led by former Canadian footballer Alex Bunbury to purchase, for 43 million euros, Club Sport Marítimo, the principal football club on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The offer was rejected by the club in September. Neither Club Sport Marítimo nor Alex Bunbury responded to Mediapart’s requests for comment.

In July 2023, Mwale travelled to the Republic of the Congo to meet with Lydie Pongault, the country’s minister for cultural, tourism, arts and leisure industries, for talks on two investment projects. One was the construction of a medical centre in Brazzaville, the capital, and the other was the building of lodges in the Lesio-Louna gorilla reserve. The following month Mwale led a business delegation to meet with Republic of Congo president Denis Sassou-Nguesso to further the projects. Contacted by Mediapart, Lydie Pongault declined to comment.

According to the sums cited in different legal complaints filed in Nairobi and New York over the past 15 years, Mwale and his different companies are accused of not honouring a total of about 2.5 million dollars in agreed fees.

Between 2018 and 2021, the Mwale Medical and Technology City announced on social media a number of new partnerships with investors from around the world. However, when Mediapart contacted some of the better known of these, including French IT services and consultancy company Atos, French property development and management company Groupe Duval, and the Florida city of Fort Lauderdale, they denied investing in the project.

Enrolling R&B star Akon for a project in Senegal

At the Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa, Mwale spoke of a “big US company” involved in his projects, but did not name it. Four months after the creation of Tumaz and Tumaz Enterprises Limited in November 2015, a company called KE International was registered in the US state of Delaware, where requirements for transparency in business activity are notably relaxed. As an example of this, the beneficiaries of KE International are not named. While it appears to be linked to Mwale, his lawyer rejects the suggestion.



It is KE International that represents the Mwale Medical and Technology City project in the US, as was the case in the contract with Candice Swanepoel. In Kenya, Mwale’s company Tumaz and Tumaz has represented KE International in legal conflicts.

On its website, which was created in 2020, KE International claims to have “a portfolio containing more than USD $8 Billion in projects”. Just two are detailed; the Mwale Medical and Technology City and Akon City in Senegal. The latter was launched, also in 2020, amid great publicity, with the US-Senegalese R&B star Akon laying the first stone at the site. Its futuristic design, worthy of the Marvel Comics’ fictional technological empire of Wakanda, drew significant press coverage both in Senegal and around the world. KE International is presented as the builder of the project, while Mwale has occasionally been described as one of its first investors.

According to a source once close to the family of Mwale’s wife Kaila, the “KE” in KE International refers to them. The source, whose name is withheld, said one of Kaila’s brothers, Derek Knox, a former Boeing employee and member of the US National Guard, created a company called Knox Enterprises.

“The two families lived together in the same house in Florida,” said the source. “They keep everything very compartmentalized, I think in hindsight they do it on purpose.” Mwale’s brother-in-law Derek Knox signs contracts for KE International, such as that involving Swanepoel, using the name Derek William, which is also the name by which he is identified on the KE International website. But nothing on the website indicates he plays a significant role in the company.

In Kenya, another of Kaila Mwale’s brothers, Daniel Knox, is involved in the Mwale Medical and Technology City project. His name does not appear on the KE International website, nor on the social media posts published by Mwale Medical and Technology City.

A basketballer Jared Harrington teams up with Mwale

In February 2023, US basketball player Jared Harrington announced that he was in a partnership with the Mwale Medical and Technology City to build a 20,000-seat “multi-purpose stadium that will be able to host basketball, football, rugby, and soccer”. Contacted by Mediapart in April, he spoke of his enthusiasm over the partnership, and said he was considering other investment projects with Mwale. The building of the stadium has not yet begun, and no other official announcements about it have followed. When contacted again by Mediapart in August, Harrington failed to respond to a request for further comment.

Meanwhile, in August 2021, the singer Akon announced that he had successfully concluded a pilot trial of his so-called “Akoin” cryptocurrency at the Mwale Medical and Technology City, and promoted it in a video clip with images of the site. In March 2023, in a case mainly targeting cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun, the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Akon and seven other “celebrities” with “illegally touting” Sun’s crypto asset securities “without disclosing that they were compensated for doing so and the amount of their compensation”.

According to a new official representative of the Akon City project in Senegal, and whose name is withheld, neither KE International nor Mwale were able to raise the funding that was required. “For a project like that, which will last 15 or 20 years, you need international actors who can reassure investors, companies that are listed on the stock exchange and which are worth billions of dollars,” he said.

The singer Akon in August featured alongside Mwale on social media posts published by the Mwale Medical and Technology City, in which KE International was presented as a consultant for Akon City. The representative for the project cited immediately above said the contacts with the company were limited to discussions about the building of a hospital. The “city”, meanwhile, has still not emerged from the earth.

The story becomes all the more confusing when considering the profiles of those associated with KE International and Derek Knox. Up until September 2021, an individual called Paul Martin was introduced in press reports as the spokesman for the Akon City project. At the time, this former member of the US Air Force was still an officer with the Florida Air National Guard. On his LinkedIn profile, he presented himself, from August 2021, as a full-time commander of one of its units. The press office of the National Guard said he was in fact active part-time.

Other directors who appear on the KE International website are all American and have similar profiles to Derek Knox and Paul Martin. Most of them were with the National Guard or worked for Boeing. According to the aforementioned source who was once close to the Knox family (that of Mwale’s wife Kaila) some of them are simply investors. “They ask to put you on the website, but most people have no responsibility within KE international, or even access to internal documents,” said the source.

“They promise a high rate of return on investment after one or two years, and rather than repay, they promise more and more.”

On the advisory board of the company sit a number of former senior US military officers, including Joe N. Ballard, who in 1996 was appointed by then US president Bill Clinton as the army’s Chief of Engineers. After retiring from the military, Ballard created a company called Ravens Group which has gained contracts worth millions of dollars with the US administration. In Kenya, he is presented as an investor in the Mwale Medical and Technology City. Ballard did not respond to Mediapart’s request for comment.

Several other retired military officers, including generals, vice- and rear admirals have been, at one time or another, involved with KE International. Questioned about a possible conflict of interests, a spokesman for the Pentagon press office insisted: “The retired individuals are now private citizens.”

At a very public level, Mwale can be found on social media posts photographed together with various American and African political figures, including several presidents. The latter include Donald Trump (in August 2021), Ghana’s Nana Akufo-Addo (September 2022), Sierra Leone’s Julius Maada Bio (October 2022). He hs been pictured on numerous occasions with Kenyan President William Ruto, who he accompanied on an official visit to the Republic of Congo in early July. In June, Botswana’s vice-president Slumber Tsogwane led a large delegation on a visit to the Mwale Medical and Technology City.

Meanwhile, in May 2023, several Kenyan media reported that Mwale was among a group of investors hoping to buy Forbes Global Holdings Inc. from owners Integrated Whale Media Investments, but there have been no further reports of Mwale’s involvement in the project.

• The original French version of this report can be found here.

Black box

This six-month investigation into the activities of Julius Mwale and several of his associates was prompted by enquiries into the reasons behind the delays in the construction of Akon City in Senegal, and into who were the project’s partners.

Neither Randall Lane nor the editorial department at Forbes responded to Mediapart’s requests for comment on the subject of this investigation.

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Divorce Spells: A Comprehensive Guide

Divorce is a stressful experience that anyone can go through. However, on the flip side, researchers at Kingston University in London have discovered that women experience a notable increase in happiness and life satisfaction after finalising their divorces.

They become happier than men. The findings, published in the journal Economica, reveal that women tend to exhibit heightened levels of contentment for as long as five years post-divorce, surpassing their average or baseline levels of happiness experienced over their lifetimes.
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Divorce spells aim to address various aspects of the divorce process, from facilitating a peaceful separation to healing emotional wounds and fostering a path towards personal growth.

According to the World Health Organisation, divorce is the second most common cause of psychological distress after the death of a spouse.

But what if there was a way to make divorce easier, faster, and more peaceful? What if you could use the power of magic to end your marriage without any drama, conflict, or resentment? What if you could get divorce spells that work?

Divorce spells are rooted in ancient traditions and spiritual practices, are believed to assist individuals in navigating the complexities of divorce and achieving a harmonious outcome.

In this article, we will explore the concept of divorce spells and how they can help you achieve a harmonious and amicable divorce. We will also address some of the common questions and concerns that people have about divorce spells, such as their effectiveness, ethics, and safety. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of divorce spells and how to use them to your advantage.

What are Divorce Spells and What Do They Do?

Divorce spells are a type of magic that can help you end your marriage in a smooth and peaceful way. Divorce spells can also help you heal from the emotional trauma of divorce and move on with your life. Divorce spells can be cast by yourself or by a professional spell caster, depending on your preference and experience.

There are different types of divorce spells that can suit different situations and goals. Some of the most common divorce spells are:

Separation spells: These spells facilitate both physical and emotional detachment from your spouse. They can induce a loss of interest or love, and even lead to a divorce without resistance. Additionally, separation spells assist in overcoming feelings of guilt, anger, or sadness.
No-contact spells: Designed to sever communication and interaction with your spouse, these spells halt calls, texts, emails, and visits. They also act as a shield against harassment, manipulation, or abuse.
Spells for finding love anew: These spells focus on attracting a new partner post-divorce. They enhance your confidence, charisma, and overall appeal. Furthermore, they aid in meeting a compatible, supportive, and respectful new partner.

The principles behind divorce spells are based on the law of attraction and manifestation. The law of attraction states that whatever you think, feel, and believe, you attract into your life.

Manifestation is the process of turning your thoughts and desires into reality. By using divorce spells, you can align your thoughts and feelings with your desired outcome and manifest a divorce in your best interest.

How to Cast a Divorce Spell

Casting a divorce spell is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to follow some simple steps and have some basic tools and materials.
Here is a general guide on how to cast a divorce spell:

Select the Right Divorce Spell:

Choose a suitable divorce spell based on your situation and goals. Options can be found online, in books, or you can create your own. Understand its purpose and effects before proceeding.
Clarify Your Intentions:
Clearly state the outcome you desire. Write it down or vocalise it, like saying, “I want to divorce my spouse peacefully and amicably.”

Gather Necessary Tools:
Collect items like candles, matches, herbs, oils, crystals, photos, paper, pen, etc., depending on the chosen spell.
Choose a Suitable Location:
Find a quiet, comfortable space where you feel safe and relaxed. This can be indoors, like your bedroom or living room, or outdoors with privacy and permission.
Prepare the Space:
Set a positive atmosphere by cleaning, using incense, calming music, or protective measures like creating a circle with salt, chalk, or rope.
Follow Spell Instructions:
Execute the spell meticulously, paying attention to details. For instance, if lighting a candle is involved, use a match. Speak words with conviction and clarity, and visualise vividly.
Conclude the Spell and Express Gratitude:
Seal the energy and signify the end of the spell, like blowing out candles or disposing of materials. Express gratitude to the universe, spirits, or entities involved.
Dispose of Materials Respectfully:
Properly discard spell materials through respectful methods like throwing them away, burying, flushing, or returning them to nature. Avoid reusing them to maintain effectiveness.
Remember to contact experts like Mugwenu Doctors for the most effective spells. They have over 25 years of experience in casting Divorce Spells.

The Importance of Positive Visualisation and Belief

One of the most important factors that can determine the success of your divorce spell is your positive visualisation and belief.
You need to visualise the outcome you want as if it has already happened and believe that it will happen. This will help you align your vibration with your intention and attract it into your reality.

Positive visualisation and belief can also help you overcome any doubts, fears, or resistance that may arise during the spellcasting process.

You may encounter some challenges or obstacles that may make you question your decision or your ability to cast the spell.

You may also face some criticism or opposition from your spouse, your family, your friends, or your society.

You need to stay focused and confident and not let anything or anyone discourage you or distract you from your goal.


You can enhance your positive visualisation and belief by using some techniques, such as:
1. Affirmations:
Positive statements repeated to reinforce intentions and boost confidence. For example, saying: “I deserve a happy and peaceful divorce. I am free and independent. I am ready to move on with my life.”
Practice to calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with inner wisdom. Helps clear negative thoughts and focus on desired outcomes. Guided meditations tailored for divorce spells can be beneficial.
Symbolic actions to represent intentions and mark the transition to a new phase in life. Examples include wearing new attire, getting a fresh haircut, or acquiring a new ring to signify a new identity and status. Celebratory events like parties, trips, or self-gifts can also be meaningful.

What are the Benefits of Seeking Professional Guidance?

While you can cast a divorce spell by yourself, you may also benefit from seeking professional guidance from a qualified spell caster or a spiritual advisor. A professional can help you with the following aspects:
Choosing the right divorce spell for your situation and goal. A professional can advise you on the best type of spell, the best time to cast it, and the best way to cast it. A professional can also customise the spell to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Casting the divorce spell for you or with you. A professional can cast the spell for you or with you, depending on your level of experience and comfort. A professional can also provide you with the necessary tools and materials for the spell, or help you find them.
Monitoring the progress and the results of the divorce spell. A professional can keep track of the spell’s effectiveness and make any adjustments or corrections if needed. A professional can also help you interpret the signs and the messages that the spell may send you.

Providing you with support and guidance during the divorce process. A professional can offer you emotional, mental, and spiritual support and guidance during the divorce process. A professional can also help you cope with any challenges or difficulties that you may face along the way.
If you decide to seek professional guidance, you need to be careful and selective in choosing your spell caster or spiritual advisor. You need to do some research and check their credentials, reputation, and reviews. You also need to trust your intuition and avoid anyone who makes unrealistic promises, charges exorbitant fees, or asks for personal information or favours.

How long does it take for a divorce spell to work?

The time it takes for a divorce spell to work depends on various factors, such as the type and the strength of the spell, the complexity and the severity of your situation, your level of faith and belief in the spell, and the interference of any external forces or obstacles.
Generally, divorce spells can take from a few days to a few weeks to work, but some may take longer or shorter. You need to be patient and persistent and trust that the spell will work in the best possible way and at the best possible time

Are divorce spells safe and ethical?

Divorce spells, when employed with genuine intentions and for valid reasons, are both safe and ethically sound.
Their purpose is not to harm or manipulate but to assist in resolving a painful and distressing divorce situation.
These spells honour the free will and emotions of all parties involved, including your spouse.

Moreover, rest assured, that divorce spells carry no adverse side effects or repercussions, ensuring your own well-being throughout the process.

Are Divorce spells reversible or permanent?

Divorce spells can be reversed or modified, depending on the type and the intention of the spell. Some divorce spells are temporary and can be lifted or removed by the caster or by another spell caster. Some divorce spells are permanent and can only be changed by casting another spell with a different intention.
Some divorce spells are flexible and can adapt to the changing circumstances and feelings of the parties involved, according to LegalScoops.


Experience the potency of divorce spells to navigate the end of your marriage with grace and tranquillity. Allow them to aid in your emotional healing, empowering you to embark on a new chapter in life. Whether you choose to cast these divorce spells independently or seek the guidance of a seasoned spell caster, it’s a personal decision based on your comfort level and experience.

Remember, while divorce spells offer invaluable support, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. They serve as catalysts for personal growth, not tools for manipulation.
Your proactive efforts and willingness to implement changes in your life are crucial for achieving the desired outcome. Always honour the free will and emotions of both yourself and your spouse.

For further guidance, reach out to us:
Phone: +254740637248

Kenya Exposed allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news TIPS, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on: Follow us on Twitter and Facebook page.

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Exploring World of Lost Love Spells: Rekindle Flames of Love

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to bring back the love of your life who left you? Do you believe in the power of magic and spells to reunite lovers who have drifted apart?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explore the topic of bringing back lost lovers using potent spells. This a spell that can help you restore your relationship with your ex-partner or rekindle the flame of a past romance.

These spells are practised by individuals known as spellcasters like Mugwenu Doctors or conjurers and tap into the invisible forces of the universe, influencing emotions and circumstances to bring about the desired outcome.

What are the Mysteries of Lost Love Spells?

Lost love spells come in various forms, each carrying its own unique set of rituals and ingredients. Some spells, rooted in white magic, are believed to work through gentle persuasion and positive energy, while others, associated with black magic, are said to exert a more forceful influence.

Regardless of the type of spell employed, the underlying principle remains the same: to harness the power of intention and belief to shape reality.

Spellcasters often incorporate personal items belonging to the lost love, such as photographs or mementoes, to strengthen the connection and enhance the spell’s potency.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Casting Lost Love Spell

While the intricacies of spellwork may vary depending on the spellcaster’s practice and the specific spell being cast, some general steps are often followed when performing a simple lost love spell.
Preparation: Choose a quiet and undisturbed space where you can concentrate fully. Gather the necessary ingredients, such as candles, herbs, crystals, and any personal items associated with your lost love.

Cleansing: Purify the space with incense or sage to create a sacred atmosphere. Cleanse yourself physically and mentally by taking a cleansing bath or meditation.
Setting Intentions: Clearly define your intentions and desires for the spell. Visualise a positive outcome, focusing on the love you wish to rekindle.

Ritualistic Procedures: Follow the specific steps outlined in the spell, carefully performing the rituals and incantations as instructed.
Closing the Spell: Express gratitude for the energy you have channelled and release the spell into the universe with faith and trust.
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What to Consider Before Embracing Spellwork

Before embarking on the path of lost love spells, it is crucial to approach the matter with caution and consideration. While the allure of rekindling a lost love may be strong, it is essential to weigh the potential consequences and ethical implications.

Lost love spells, like any form of intervention, carry the risk of unintended outcomes. While the intention may be to reunite with a former partner, the spell could influence their free will or disrupt their current relationships.

Moreover, it is essential to remember that love is a complex emotion, not a commodity to be manipulated. True love blossoms organically, nurtured by mutual respect, understanding, and personal growth.

How will you feel after casting the Bring Back Lost Lover spell?
Using a return lost lover spell can lead to a variety of outcomes:
a. Heightened Connection and Attraction:
You may find a renewed and powerful connection with your ex-partner.
b. Profound Dreams and Signs:
Vivid dreams, visions, or subtle signs may become more prevalent, indicating their presence in your life.
c. Increased Contact and Apology:
Your ex-partner might initiate more frequent contact, seeking to bridge the gap between you. They may express their emotions openly and may even offer apologies for any past mistakes.
d. Opportunity for Reconciliation:
The spell may pave the way for a chance to reconcile with your ex-partner, reigniting the spark of your previous relationship.
e. Strengthened Relationship:
You might observe that your relationship has undergone a positive transformation, emerging even stronger than before.
However, it’s essential to be aware of potential challenges:
a. Resilience and Obstacles:
Your ex-partner might exhibit resistance to the changes, and external influences could complicate matters. You may also encounter varying reactions from friends and family.
Using a return lost lover spell can be a catalyst for change, but it’s important to approach it with realistic expectations and a commitment to ongoing nurturing of the relationship.

How do I know if a spell is safe to use?

To ensure the safe and responsible use of spells, consider the following guidelines. However, with specialists like Mugwenu Doctors, you don’t have to worry about safety. They have been on top of this game of Bring Back Lost Lover Spells for over 25 years.
Thorough Research: Before casting any spell, gather information on its origin, purpose, and potential consequences from reliable sources like books, websites, or experienced practitioners.

Precise Execution: Follow the instructions of your chosen spell meticulously, using the correct ingredients, tools, and setting. Avoid shortcuts or substitutions that may compromise the spell’s effectiveness or safety.
Respect Free Will: Avoid spells that aim to manipulate or harm others, and never cast spells on someone else without their consent. Respecting the choices and actions of others aligns with ethical magical principles and natural laws of balance.

Positive Intentions: Cast spells with clear, positive intentions. Be specific and realistic about your goals, avoiding harmful or vague intentions. Consider including phrases like “for the highest good of all” to align with universal harmony and justice.
Self-Protection: Take measures to protect yourself before, during, and after casting a spell. Use methods like casting a circle, wearing an amulet, or invoking a deity. Cleanse your space and dispose of leftover materials responsibly. Monitor your well-being and seek professional help if needed.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when casting Bring Back Lost Love Spell?
Common spellcasting mistakes to avoid:
Inadequate Preparation: Skipping crucial steps like cleansing, grounding, and protecting yourself and your space can lead to ineffective or harmful spells.
Manipulating Free Will: Casting spells that aim to control or harm others violates ethical principles and can lead to negative consequences. Always respect the free will of individuals and cast spells with positive intentions aligned with universal harmony.

Casting for Others Without Consent: Casting spells on someone else without their permission infringes on their boundaries and can lead to unintended harm. Always seek consent and respect the beliefs and wishes of others.

Neglecting Consideration of Outcomes: Failing to think through potential consequences can result in unexpected or undesirable results. Be specific and realistic about your intentions, and be prepared for any side effects. Consider using divination tools for guidance.
Neglecting Relationships: Failing to nurture connections with yourself, deities, spirits, or your environment can lead to a loss of trust and growth. Show gratitude, maintain balance, and monitor your well-being. Remember, magic is a tool, but personal growth and self-love are equally important.

“Always approach spell-casting with care, respect, and a thorough understanding of the potential impact on yourself and others,” Mugwenu Doctors underscore.

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